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Still shot from the movie: Emperor.


After Japan surrenders to the US military, ending WWII, General Douglas MacArthur (Tommy Lee Jones) must enter the country looking like a liberator, not a conqueror. Stepping into the shoes of the former Emperor, MacArthur looks to his advisor on Japanese culture (Matthew Fox) to avoid any missteps. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B
Violence: C+
Sexual Content: B
Language: C-
Drugs/Alcohol: C
Run Time: 104
Theater Release: 07 Mar 2013
Video Release: 13 Aug 2013
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Emperor is rated PG-13: for violent content, brief strong language and smoking (historical).

Director: Peter Webber
Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Matthew Fox, Kaori Momoi
Studio: 2013 Roadside Attractions
Website: Official site for Emperor.

Detailed Review

In Emperor it’s 1945 and Japan surrenders, effectively bringing World War II to a close, after the United States drops two atomic bombs on the island country. But while… 
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Why Is Emperor Rated PG-13?

Violence: Mass destruction is seen after nuclear bombs are dropped. Actual wartime footage of… 
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Talk It Over

Recent interviews and discovery of records reveal that Japanese nationals were involved in heinous… 
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Video alternatives / Home Video Bonus Features

The lives of historical military leaders have been the bases for other movie scripts… 
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