Picture from Yours, Mine and Ours
Overall B+

When widower Frank Beardsley (Dennis Quaid) falls in love with beautiful widow Helen North (Rene Russo), they don't let a little thing--like the fact they have 18 kids between them--stand in the way of saying 'I do". However, their children respond to this announcement with, 'I don't!"

Violence B
Sexual Content A-
Profanity B
Substance Use B-

MPAA Rating: PG for some mild crude humor.

Talk to your kids about…

Yours, Mine and Ours

Helen believes that home is a place for free expression while Frank thinks rules are important to keep things running smoothly. Which notion do you agree with? What are the pros and cons of each approach?

What challenges can blended families face? Why can’t Frank and Helen simply “pick up” on the relationship they had in high school? What sacrifices do the kids have to make? Why are Frank and Helen adamant about referring to the kids as “ours”?

What events help the children change their attitudes toward their parents’ marriage?