Picture from Considering Love and Other Magic

While coping with the grief of her younger brother’s suicide, 17-year-old Jessie Wilson (Maddie Phillips), takes on a tutoring job with an unusual student: Tommy (Ryan Grantham) claims to be the trapped-in-time, fictional creation of an aging author (Sheila McCarthy) who penned his story in 1952.

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

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Considering Love and Other Magic

In reference to the death of her brother Jessie states, “when it’s suicide, everyone assumes you messed up.” Why does she feel judged by those around her? Do you think people are really that critical of her and her family? What are some ways you could help a friend or loved one who is experiencing similar feelings?

As Jessie tries to accept the death of her brother, she keeps remembering her fall from the balcony. Why do you think these two events have become linked in her mind? What kind of feelings does she seem to be experiencing when she considers her miraculous survival and her brother’s tragic loss? Is it fair to compare these two experiences?

What other characters are dealing with grief in this film? How does sharing their various stories help each of them with the healing process?