Picture from Wicker Park
Overall C-

Matthew (Josh Hartnett) appears to be an advertising executive living in Chicago's Wicker Park who is about to be married to his fiancee Rebecca (Jessica Pare). But a fleeting glimpse of a blonde at a bar unmasks this facade, and he suddenly reverts to a man obsessed with finding his former girlfriend (Diane Kruger) who disappeared two years earlier.

Violence A-
Sexual Content D+
Profanity C-
Substance Use B-

Talk to your kids about…

Wicker Park

After watching his choices and actions, what can we learn about Matthew’s inner character? Based on his choice to have casual sex with a woman he just met, while claiming to be in love with another woman, and at the same time being engaged to a third, what do you think are the chances of Matthew committing to a quality relationship with one partner?

This movie uses many flashback sequences to tell a story in an unconventional manner. Does this technique, where we suddenly see a past action and understand its significance, reflect the way we experience unfolding events in real life?