Picture from Virginia’s Run
Overall B+

Nearly three years ago, Virginia Lofton (Lindze Letherman) lost her mother in a freak riding accident. Since then, her grieving father (Gabriel Byrne) has forbidden her have contact with the horse. But when the offending animal gives birth to a foal, the teen secretly goes against her Dad's wishes.

Violence B+
Sexual Content A-
Profanity B
Substance Use A-

MPAA Rating: PG

Talk to your kids about…

Virginia’s Run

Darrow and his father appear to have little respect for their animals. What are some examples of this? Besides horses, what other things did Darrow consider to be dispensable?

Being a winner doesn’t always mean coming in first. What success did Misty and her rider have?

How did Caroline and Virginia’s relationship change throughout the story? What things did they discover they had in common?