Picture from Transporter 3
Overall D+

Jason Statham is back as Frank Martin, a man who transports dangerous goods --provided the price is right. In this third film of the franchises, the deliveryman finds himself in trouble when he decides not to take a job. Forced into a do or die situation, Frank must wield weapons and do some fancy driving if he hopes to survive.

Violence D
Sexual Content C-
Profanity D
Substance Use D+

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of intense action and violence, some sexual content and drug material.

Talk to your kids about…

Transporter 3

Although the Inspector knows about Frank’s day job, why does he turn a blind eye to his activities? In what other ways does this script excuse the moral ambiguity of Frank’s actions?

Do you agree with Valentina that Frank is more afraid to live than to die? What accounts for his optimism?

How can shared experiences build camaraderie between strangers? How can traumatic or disastrous events accelerate that solidarity?