Picture from Sky High
Overall A

Going to a "special" high school just means extra pressure for Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano), the son of two super heroes. Unsure he has inherited any of the right stuff, the teenager is forced to find out after he meets a classmates with a grudge against his family.

Violence B-
Sexual Content A-
Profanity A-
Substance Use A-

MPAA Rating: PG for action violence and some mild language.

Talk to your kids about…

Sky High

In reality, how are heroes and sidekicks determined in your school? Is this a fair classification? Where do you think you fit?

What role does peer pressure play in Will’s life? How did his relationship with Gwen put him and his family at risk? Have you, or your friends, ever been “blinded” by love?

Ron, the bus driver, should have had the benefits of super powers after having two superhero parents. How does he make up for this loss? How can attitude affect our outlook on life?