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Still shot from the movie: The Road To El Dorado.

The Road To El Dorado

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Overall: B-
Violence: C+
Sexual Content: C
Language: B
Drugs/Alcohol: B-
Theater Release:
Video Release:
MPAA Rating: PG
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After watching a movie with your children or students, we encourage parents and teachers to look for education opportunities to teach with movies. Here are a few discussion topics that can help with lesson plans or teaching in the home.

In your opinion, are Tulio and Miguel heroes? Can you recall any other movies where dishonest people are idolized?

The quest for gold is the desire of all the major characters in this film. What value would gold have if you were trying to survive in a jungle? What things would you consider the most valuable? Why is gold so valuable in our society?

Interested in checking out the soundtrack? Follow this link to read the review of Elton John’s The Road To El Dorado.

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