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Still shot from the movie: River’s End.

River’s End

Angry and rebellious, seventeen-year-old Clay Watkins (Sam Huntington) is bent on self-destruction until his Grandpa (Barry Corbin), an old-fashioned Texas cowboy and acting sheriff of the county, gives the young offender a choice: smarten up by going to jail or by taking a wilderness survival trip down the Pecos River. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B
Violence: C
Sexual Content: B-
Language: C
Drugs/Alcohol: C
Theater Release:
Video Release: 19 Feb 2007
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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After watching a movie with your children or students, we encourage parents and teachers to look for education opportunities to teach with movies. Here are a few discussion topics that can help with lesson plans or teaching in the home.

Why do you think Clay expresses the anger and pain he is feeling inside by lashing out at others? How does this approach affect those around him?

Why does his Grandfather feel the best cure for what ails the rebellious boy would be a trip down the river? What is it about the experience that changes Clay’s attitude?

Clay describes his Grandpa as a “hick sheriff in a hick town.” What causes him to reconsider that opinion?

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