Picture from Napoleon Dynamite
Overall B-

There's certainly nothing conformist about Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder), a Preston, Idaho high school student with a curly red Afro, oversized glasses and moon boot footwear. But this quirky movie full of peculiar characters has managed to capture a cult following.

Violence B
Sexual Content B
Profanity A-
Substance Use B

MPAA Rating: PG for thematic elements and language.

Talk to your kids about…

Napoleon Dynamite

Set in Preston, Idaho rather than Southern California, how does the portrayal of high school differ from many other movies? Are there characters you relate to in this film?

Pedro makes a pinata of Summer Wheatley during the election. How does this cultural tradition cause him problems? Can a lack of understanding or appreciation for others’ customs create unnecessary difficulties?

Napoleon and Pedro are members of the FFA. Learn more about this organization for youth that helps promote leadership and agricultural education.

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