Picture from Johnny English Reborn
Overall B+

After spending some time in seclusion and honing his martial arts skills, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson), returns to the British Secret Service. Feeling reborn, the covert agent takes on the task of protecting the Chinese premier. Unfortunately, he does so in his former clumsy style.

Violence C
Sexual Content B+
Profanity B
Substance Use B

MPAA Rating: PG for mild action violence, rude humor, some language and brief sensuality.

Talk to your kids about…

Johnny English Reborn

What does Johnny English learn about age and wisdom while in the monastery? How does he apply that new knowledge on the job? What experience can older people bring to situations in life? What does Tucker offer the team?

Why is the spy genre so popular? What elements of the film are most intriguing to you - the car, the weapons, the espionage? In what ways does this film make fun of the more serious secret agent movies?

In addition to the Toshiba sign and the Apple iPad, what other product placements did you find in this film?