Picture from Jack and Jill
Overall C

It is anything but a holiday when Jack's (Adam Sandler) twin sister Jill (also Adam Sandler) comes for Thanksgiving. And the situation gets worse when she decides to prolong her visit indefinitely.

Violence B
Sexual Content B-
Profanity B
Substance Use C+

MPAA Rating: PG for crude material including suggestive references, language, comic violence and brief smoking.

Talk to your kids about…

Jack and Jill

How can family ties grow as siblings become adults? Is it important to be able to put the past behind in some circumstances? What are the advantages of a healthy adult relationship between brothers and sisters?

In this movie Jill is the caregiver for the pair’s parents. What different roles do children play in a family? How can they support one another in those different responsibilities? Who are the caregivers in your family? What tasks do you take on?