Picture from Home Alone
Overall C

When the McCallister family heads to France for a Christmas vacation, they accidentally leave their son (Macaulay Culkin) behind. So what does an 8-year-old do when he discovers he's home alone?

Violence C
Sexual Content B+
Profanity B-
Substance Use A-

MPAA Rating: PG

Talk to your kids about…

Home Alone

What should a child do if he or she is accidentally left alone? Does your family have a list of trusted friends or neighbors they could call on? Do they know how to contact the police or other emergency services if necessary? How could you practice these safety procedures with your family? Why doesn’t Kevin do any of these logical things in this movie? What real dangers could he face without adult help and supervision?

Kevin believes “the man of the house can’t be a wimp.” How does this attitude actually put the eight-year-old at risk? What is the difference between trying to prove you can be independent, and being wise enough to know when to ask for assistance?

This film was made before the invention of cell phones. How have these devices helped parents and children to keep in touch with each other? How might that contact have improved the situation depicted here? What are the limitations of phone conversations? Did you also notice the lack of security at the airport when Kevin’s family arrived late to catch their plane? How have boarding procedures changed? Why? Do these new policies make you feel more or less safe when travelling?

Why is church a good place to be if you are feeling bad about yourself? What things does Kevin regret? What heartache is the elderly neighbor experiencing? How is fear impacting each of them? How do Kevin and the elderly gentlemen help each other? Are their any acts of kindness that you could do for others who live in your neighborhoods?