Picture from Ghost Town
Overall B

Dr. Bertram Pincus (Ricky Gervais) is an arrogant jerk who prefers no company but his own. That is why the dentist is so angry when, after surviving a near-death experience, he can suddenly see ghosts. Hoping a good deed will exorcise these apparitions, he agrees to help Frank Herlihy (Greg Kinnear), a spirit trying to break off his widow's (Tea Leoni) impending marriage. However, the favor may kill him first.

Violence B-
Sexual Content C+
Profanity D
Substance Use C+

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some strong language, sexual humor and drug references.

Talk to your kids about…

Ghost Town

The philosopher Philo of Alexandria once said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” What does Bertram discover about the female client from his dental office? What is her “great battle”? How does getting a broader view of her life change his feelings about her actions?

What kinds of closure were the characters, both living and dead, in this film seeking? How can unresolved issues affect a person? What is Gwen’s unanswered question?

Bertram believes that a person lives alone, stays alone, and dies alone. Is loneliness sometimes a choice? How can a person overcome feelings of isolation?