Overall C-

Carlos (Jay Hernandez), is a Hispanic teen living in LA's Boyle Heights. The victim of a runaway father, his mother works hard to provide him additional opportunities, including attending school in prestigious Pacific Palisades.

Violence B-
Sexual Content D-
Profanity D
Substance Use C-

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for mature thematic involving teens, drug/alcohol content, sexuality and language

Talk to your kids about…


Many teens have a sincere desire to “save” other troubled teens. Parents who have teens that see this movie will want to discuss appropriate ways to help their friends overcome serious problems. Are there ways to support a struggling friend while still maintaining their own lives and standards, instead of entering into an intimate relationship the way Carlos does?

The character of Carlos has a loving mother who is concerned about her son’s well being, yet Carlos never takes the opportunity to discuss Nicole’s situation with his mother. Families may want to discuss the reluctance some children have in taking concerns to their parents. How do you think Carlos’s mother would have reacted had he talked to his mother right at the beginning?

What does this movie leave out at the end? What might have happened to Carlos’ career goals? What would Nicole have to endure in order to put her life back on track again?