Picture from Camelot
Overall B

An Utopian society built by King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table meet their slow demise when the Queen engages in an illicit affair. Filled with moral lessons, heart-wrenching portrayals, and songs, Camelot is the classic rendition of this timeless legend.

Violence B
Sexual Content B-
Profanity B
Substance Use A-

MPAA Rating: G

Talk to your kids about…


King Arthur and Guenevere wonder with longing about life outside of the castle in the musical number What Do the Simple Folk Do? Why would anyone in the upper class envy a peasant? Why do the poor often envy the rich and powerful? What things bring real happiness?

Several of the characters choose between passion and responsibility. How do the consequences of their decisions affect each other?

For everything you ever care to know (and more) about the legendary King Arthur, check out “http://www.britannia.com/history/arthur/kaking.html