Picture from Bewitched
Overall C+

Egotistical actor, Jack Wyatt (Will Ferrell), is Bewitched, bothered and bewildered when his unknown co-star (Nicole Kidman) steals more than her share of the spotlight during a remake of the popular 1960's sitcom. Little does he realize, the pretty blonde has some magic up her sleeve.

Violence B
Sexual Content C
Profanity C
Substance Use B

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some language, including sex and drug references, and partial nudity

Talk to your kids about…


For Samantha, casting a spell by tugging on her ear is a hard habit to break, especially when times are tough. Why are old habits difficult to overcome? What magic does she use to undo her hexes? What kind of “addictions” do normal mortals face? How do you make up for backsliding?

Isabel’s TV mother Endora warns her about becoming a “mannered” actor. What does she mean? Why do actors sometimes become stuck in a certain kind of role? What famous actors do you think fit this category?

What does Isabel discover about the real “magic” of love?