Picture from American Pie
Overall D-

Jim (Jason Biggs), Oz ( Chris Klein), Finch ( Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) are high school seniors that make a pledge to lose their virginity before prom night.

Violence A-
Sexual Content D-
Profanity D-
Substance Use C

MPAA Rating: R for strong sexuality, crude sexual dialogue, language and drinking, all involving teens.

Talk to your kids about…

American Pie

If any of your children have seen this movie, be aware that sexual behaviors (at times with nudity) and values portrayed may not meet your family’s standards and expectations. Topics of discussion you may want to consider would include your feelings about sex outside of marriage, the idea of using sex as a recreational diversion, and the effects of alcohol on our abilities to make important decisions. You may also want to talk about masturbation, oral sex, and the use of other objects to create sexual pleasure. All these topics (and more) are explored in this film.