Picture from Zookeeper
Overall C+

A bumbling zookeeper (Kevin James) gets a rude awakening when his animal charges start talking to him, hoping to offer him relationship advice.

Violence B-
Sexual Content B-
Profanity B-
Substance Use C+

MPAA Rating: PG for some rude and suggestive humor, and language.

Why is Zookeeper rated PG?

Official MPAA Rating: Zookeeper is rated PG for for some rude and suggestive humor, and language.

Please read our content details for this movie to help determine if it is suitable for members of your family. We also encourage you to check our full review and our movie information page.

Violence: An animal nearly chokes to death on a piece of garbage. A porcupine shoots his quills into a man’s face. A woman is knocked off her feet. Characters crash a party. An animal talks about being cruelly treated and is shown with a facial injury. A man throws a character against a wall. Characters fall into animal cages. A loose lion threatens women. People are accused of lying. A child throws objects at animals. One character chokes another until he passes out. Inebriated characters break objects in a restaurant. Men drive recklessly through traffic. Characters fall from a bridge. A man is thrown over a fence. A character says mean things to another person. Other scenes include depictions of comedic, slapstick violence.

Sexual Content: The script contains numerous moments of veiled sexual humor including one homosexual joke. Animal mating activities are discussed. A man unintentionally exposes himself while urinating in public (no nudity is seen). A man talks about his sexual activities with a woman. Couples kiss.

Language: Frequent mild profanities and terms of Deity are included in this script.

Alcohol / Drug Use: Characters drink at social events on several occasions. Characters appear to be drunk at a restaurant.

Other: A man pees on a plant in a restaurant. Some bathroom humor is included.

Canadian Movie Ratings
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia G
Alberta PG
Manitoba PG
Ontario G
Quebec G
Martimes G
Canadian Home Video G