Picture from The Work and the Glory III A House Divided
Overall B

The third movie in a series based on the books of author Gerald N. Lund, The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided continues to chronicle the challenges and religious persecution endured by the Steed family when some of its members join the Mormon faith.

Violence B
Sexual Content A-
Profanity A
Substance Use B

MPAA Rating: PG for some violence.

Why is The Work and the Glory III A House Divided rated PG?

Official MPAA Rating: The Work and the Glory III A House Divided is rated PG for for some violence.

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Touching on the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the persecutions endured by its members during the early 1800s, this movie depicts mobs gathering with violent intentions, verbal threats, damage to property (fire is set to crops and a flaming torch is tossed through a window), gunfire (one character narrowly escapes a bullet, while another is shot to death), beatings with clubs and a reference to a lashing (scars from a whip are shown). Other more minor depictions include a woman slapping a man’s face and a scuffle between schoolboys. Sexual content consists only of a cleavage-showing costume, some embracing and kissing. A few characters are shown drinking wine with dinner and smoking cigars.

The Work and the Glory III A House Divided
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British Columbia Not Rated
Alberta PG
Manitoba Not Rated
Ontario Not Rated
Quebec Not Rated
Martimes Not Rated
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