Picture from Serenity
Overall B-

Based on a short-lived television series called Firefly, Serenity is rust-bucket starship whose miss-fit crew is involved in a galactic civil war.

Violence D
Sexual Content B
Profanity B
Substance Use B

Why is Serenity rated PG-13?

Official MPAA Rating: Serenity is rated PG-13 for for sequences of intense violence and action, and some sexual references.

Please read our content details for this movie to help determine if it is suitable for members of your family. We also encourage you to check our full review and our movie information page.

This is a very violent film for PG-13 and would likely be rated R if it were not for the relatively low levels of sex (one very short scene implies an unmarried couple is about to make love) and language (about a half dozen mild profanities are heard). Decomposing bodies are portrayed, blood is plentiful, and rape and torture are discussed. With a few “jump scenes” and the cast in nearly continual peril, parents are advised to screen the film before considering it for family members.