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Still shot from the movie: Ride Along.

Ride Along

What would you do to get the girl of your dreams? For Ben (Kevin Hart), a security guard with dreams of joining the police force, it is proving his worthiness to his girlfriend's (Tika Sumpter) over protective brother James (Ice Cube) -- who happens to be a cop. To do so Ben agrees to ride along with James on a typical workday. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: C-
Violence: D+
Sexual Content: C+
Language: D+
Drugs/Alcohol: B+
Run Time: 100
Theater Release: 17 Jan 2014
Video Release: 15 Apr 2014
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Why Is Ride Along Rated PG-13?

Violence: Various scenes depict altercations between police and civilians, and many show the use of guns being shot to subdue, injure and sometimes kill assailants. Car chases include people running for cover and property damage. In one scene a man, posing as a police officer, verbally threatens another who is withholding information and haphazardly shoots the man in the shoulder. Men with guns hold women in a strip club hostage. Men invade an apartment, tie a woman to a chair and make threats toward her. At a shooting range an inexperienced character uses weapons in a dangerous manner. Within a video game a character’s leg is dismembered by an explosion and while laying on the ground many other game characters repeatedly shoot his body.

Sexual Content: A couple begins embracing passionately and engaging in sexual dialogue, but are interrupted. Sexual discussions involving clinical and crude anatomical terms are heard in a couple of scenes. After approaching a young boy on a school playground a man is accused of being a pedophile. Women are seen in bikinis while working in a strip club.

Language: Frequent scatological and other mild and moderate profanities. A sexual expletive is used in a non-sexual contest. Infrequent crude and clinical sexual references and discussion are heard.

Alcohol / Drug Use: People are drinking in a bar.

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