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Still shot from the movie: Poseidon.


Life aboard a luxury cruise ship is turned upside down after a tidal wave capsizes the vessel. Now the surviving passengers must work their way up to the bottom of the boat, past the corpses, debris, and threat of flooding water, if they hope to be rescued. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B-
Violence: C-
Sexual Content: B
Language: C+
Drugs/Alcohol: B-
Run Time: 98
Theater Release: 11 May 2006
Video Release: 21 Aug 2006
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Why Is Poseidon Rated PG-13?

Poseidon includes some profanities, terms of Deity and portrayals of alcohol and cigarette use. A man contemplates suicide when his male lover dumps him. A singer shows some cleavage during a night show and some other slightly revealing clothing is seen. A man slaps a woman’s behind. A father questions a young, unmarried couple about their sexual relationship. He also comments on his daughter’s eveningwear. Later the couple dances seductively at the disco. A drunkard makes a sexual comment to female passengers. A porter allows a stowaway to bunk with him for passage. The film depicts the death of a multitude of passengers by falling, electrocution, or being impaled, crushed, engulfed by flames or drowned. Panic ensues and screams are heard when the boat capsizes. Huge numbers of dead bodies are shown, some floating in water, some charred by fire, others bloody and pinned by debris—all are the result of natural disaster. One man, hanging on the leg of another character, is kicked off and he falls down an elevator shaft. A character slips and falls to his death in front of a group of survivors. A man’s face is cut by extreme air pressure. Repeated explosions rock the sinking ship.

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