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Still shot from the movie: Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest.

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest

Johnny Depp swaggers back into the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate that owes his soul to Davy Jones (Bill Nighy). Now, the only way for the sailing scallywag to stay out of the sea demon's locker is to track down the mysterious Dead Man's Chest. To do so, he shanghais the help of his old friends, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Kiera Knightley). Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B
Violence: C-
Sexual Content: B+
Language: A-
Drugs/Alcohol: C
Theater Release: 06 Jul 2006
Video Release: 04 Dec 2006
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Why Is Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest Rated PG-13?

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is definitely the most content laden product to bear the Walt Disney Pictures logo. Rated PG-13, parents of pre-teens should carefully assess their children’s readiness for the depicted ghoulish images such as portrayals of decomposing and disintegrating bodies slowing turning into sea creatures. As well, violence is plentiful, with stabbings, slashing, shootings, decapitations and many other means of taking lives and inflicting injuries. The character of Davy Jones is akin to a devil, and holds supernatural and metaphysical powers. A sea monster capable of swallowing a ship and its crew also makes many appearances, including one close-up when it regurgitates slime onto a man. Drinking of rum is depicted in comedic fashion, and Depp’s character often guzzles booze and appears intoxicated. Sexual content is limited to a couple of veiled verbal references, low cut dresses, and a pair of prostitutes acknowledging their relationship with Sparrow. Only one mild profanity was noted and a man is seen smoking a pipe.

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