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Still shot from the movie: Passchendaele.


Canada's military legacy is explored in Passchendale. Written, directed and starring Paul Gross, the movie follows the experiences of a World War I soldier named Michael Dunne. This character is based upon the filmmaker's grandfather, who was a veteran of the bloody battle. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: C+
Violence: D
Sexual Content: D
Language: D
Drugs/Alcohol: C-
Run Time: 114
Theater Release: 17 Oct 2008
Video Release: 03 Feb 2009
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
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Why Is Passchendaele Rated Not Rated?

This film doesn’t shy away from the atrocities of war and has many scenes of action with bodies strewn across a battlefield. Corpses with missing limbs and heads are depicted. Injured men with dismembered limbs and other major injuries are shown. Many people are seen being shot or hit with other artillery on screen. Sexual content includes two encounters between unmarried couples with consequences of pregnancy or other issues. One includes female topless nudity and male rear nudity. The other shows implied sexual activity with sounds. Frequent profanities are heard, including several sexual expletives, scatological and other profanities, and terms of Deity. A character is seen injecting a medicinal drug into her leg—later she is shown in physical distress while overcoming her addiction. Frequent cigarette smoking is shown in this period film and soldiers discuss the importance of having a cigarette to relieve battlefield stress. A man drinks from a flask and social drinking is shown.

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