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Still shot from the movie: Out Cold.

Out Cold

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Overall: D+
Violence: C+
Sexual Content: D
Language: D-
Drugs/Alcohol: D-
Run Time: 90
Theater Release: 21 Nov 2001
Video Release: 21 May 2002
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Why Is Out Cold Rated PG-13?

Overall: D+

Even the good intentions of Bull Mountain’s local staff to maintain their ski resort can’t compensate for this film’s high sexual content, unrestrained alcohol consumption, illegal drug use, and endorsement of reckless behavior.

Violence: C+

Numerous depictions of snowboarders falling, crashing, and tumbling throughout the movie, as well as engaging in reckless behavior. Scuffles, snowball throwing and fistfights are common, and a hand is stabbed with a hunting knife. Negligent behavior (such as characters left in freezing temperatures) as well as violent antics and suggestions are used for humor, sometimes resulting in property damage.

Sexual Content: D

Repeated conversations and shots of naked buttocks (bronzed and real) throughout film. Constant sexual banter and innuendo, discussion of sexual encounters and conquests, as well as seductive and suggestive body motions. Sexually transmitted disease and condoms mentioned. Man’s crotch licked by bear (no nudity shown). Female characters shown in tight fitting clothes, bras, skimpy bikinis with partially exposed breasts, or with bare chests (back and side nudity shown). Two characters are shown disrobing (back and some side nudity shown). Sexual relations implied, including passionate encounters and verbal invitations. Man’s genitals caught in hot tub jet. Homosexual confession and suggestive lesbian comments are included.

Language: D-

Includes numerous incidents of name calling, at least 23 moderate profanities, 30 mild profanities, 14 terms of Deity used as expletives, 2 sexual hand gestures, 8 slang terms for sexual anatomy, and 6 crude terms for sex. In addition, there are various terms throughout the movie used with double meanings for sex or sexual anatomy, and a sexual comment written on vehicle.

Alcohol / Drug Use: D

Numerous scenes depict characters snowboarding while/after consuming alcohol. Throughout film, alcohol is also consumed (including by teen-aged characters) during all activities, in bars, and at social occasions. Several instances where alcohol is used in excess to drown heartbreak or emotional stress. Character takes several pills after waking from night of drinking. Man drinks rubbing alcohol. Characters comment on drug paraphernalia and illegal drugs. Drug use both implied and admitted to. Characters subjected to drug test. Injured man given medication. Man smokes cigar.


Several scenes include references or depictions of flatulence. Human defecation, a substance blown out of a character’s nose, and a hit to the groin are also depicted.


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