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Still shot from the movie: MVP: Most Valuable Primate.

MVP: Most Valuable Primate

Monkey see, monkey do...this movie tells the story of a chimp who learns to play hockey and becomes the team's Most Valuable Primate. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B
Violence: B
Sexual Content: A
Language: B+
Drugs/Alcohol: A
Theater Release:
Video Release:
MPAA Rating: PG
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Why Is MVP: Most Valuable Primate Rated PG?

Overall: B
Monkey see, monkey do…this movie mimics many other sports and animal movies, but there’s a good message, few content concerns, and my five-year-old giggled throughout.

Violence: B
Brawling hockey violence with a team that would rather rough it up than learn how to play. However characters grow, becoming more serious about the game.

Sexual Content: A
None. A dual-parent family is portrayed in a positive manner.

Language: B+
At least 2 minor profanities, 1 term of Deity used as an expletive.

Alcohol / Drug Use: A

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