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Still shot from the movie: The Haunting of Molly Hartley.

The Haunting of Molly Hartley

Molly Hartley (Haley Bennett) is dealing with some serious physiological damage incurred during her mother's psychotic breakdown. But a move to a new town and a new school doesn't give her the new start she'd hope for. Instead the seventeen-year-old finds herself facing all the usual challenges of trying to fit in, with the added trauma of haunting flashbacks and acute paranoia. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: D+
Violence: C-
Sexual Content: B-
Language: D+
Drugs/Alcohol: D+
Run Time: 83
Theater Release: 30 Oct 2008
Video Release: 24 Feb 2009
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Why Is The Haunting of Molly Hartley Rated PG-13?

Beyond the movie ratings: What parents need to know about The Haunting of Molly Hartley...

This teen-targeted horror film features plenty of violence, including stabbings and fights resulting in broken bones. In one instance a person is pushed from a landing, falls to the floor below and dies. A teen character attempts suicide by inserting a knife into her chest two times when she is convinced she has been possessed. Another character is assumed dead after an attempted murder by drowning. A violent car accident is depicted and a daughter and father are seen with bloody injuries, then the father moves to stab his daughter with a knife. Many “jump scenes” are included. A teenaged girl is shown in her bra. Teens kiss. A teen boy implies he wants to have sex with a teen girl. Moderate and mild profanities are used infrequently, along with one sexual expletive and terms of Christian deity. Teens are shown drinking alcohol at a party. Teen and adult characters involvement with satanic activities results in positive outcomes. Mental illness and its hereditary implications are discussed.

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