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Still shot from the movie: Gandhi.


In 1982, a biographical portrait of Mohandas K. Gandhi was produced to try and capture the essence of the man who impacted the world with his desire for peaceful solutions to problems and adherence to a non-violent philosophy. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: A-
Violence: D
Sexual Content: B
Language: B-
Drugs/Alcohol: A-
Run Time: 188
Theater Release: 07 Dec 1982
Video Release: 13 Feb 2007
MPAA Rating: PG
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Why Is Gandhi Rated PG?


Overall: A- The inspiring true story of Mohandas K. Gandhi, the spiritual/political leader who led India through its tumultuous path away from the British Empire and toward a self-ruled government. With its powerful and transcending message, this film is a must see for teens and their parents. (Perhaps younger audiences should wait until they are older, as the violence it contains may be disturbing).

Violence: D Character shot with handgun. Character thrown off train. Characters severely kicked or beaten with sticks and clubs on numerous occasions (some fatally, blood shown). Large crowd of innocent people, including women and children, fired upon with rifles. Use of machine gun mentioned. Several riots break out. Detailed description of child-killing.

Sexual Content: B One conversation about frequency of married couple’s sexual activity.

Language: B- At least: 5 racial slurs. 1 moderate and 3 mild profanities. 4 terms of Deity used as expletives.

Alcohol / Drug Use: A- Men shown smoking and drinking alcohol on occasion.

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