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Still shot from the movie: Fun Size.

Fun Size

Wren's (Victoria Justice) Halloween plans look perfect when she gets an invite to a party hosted by the hottest guy (Thomas McDonell) she knows -- then her mother's ditches her with babysitting her younger brother (Jackson Nicoll). Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: D
Violence: C-
Sexual Content: D+
Language: C+
Drugs/Alcohol: D+
Run Time: 87
Theater Release: 26 Oct 2012
Video Release: 18 Feb 2013
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Why Is Fun Size Rated PG-13?

Violence: Teens get into a fight after a road rage incident that results in shouting and rocking a car with other teens inside; eventually the car is restarted and quickly drives off, nearly running over a couple of other teens. The fight moves to a fast food drive-in where a large sign crushes a car; the male teens square off with one holding a civil war era gun that is eventually shot at the other boy hitting a piece of chicken he’s holding and (unrealistically) not injuring the boy. A child straps firecrackers to his abdomen and legs in a terrorist-like fashion. An adult male invites a male child to ride with him, making remarks about luring a child into his car; later a friend remarks about him having a “good time” with the young boy, implying a sexual encounter has happened between him. In another scene a young boy gets into the car of another man. A young boy assists an adult male in preparing an exploding device containing dog excrement and fireworks; the device is placed on the doorstep of another male who, after discovering it burning on his doorstep, sits on top of it and is blown backward. Later he sees the young boy and brings him into his house, then locks him in a room. The boy’s sister eventually enters the house alone and confronts the adult male in an attempt to rescue her brother. Teens drive recklessly. Kids put toilet paper on a police car—the police laugh and comment that it must be Halloween.

Sexual Content: A teen boy bargains with a girl to be able to squeeze her breast, which she eventually allows; later we see both of them awakening on a sofa the next morning with sexual activities between them strongly implied. A large animated chicken mounted on a signpost falls on a car and continues to move on top of the vehicle in a sexual fashion. A teen girl in the shower discovers her naked brother using the toilet in the same bathroom. A mother of two children is living with a much younger man in their home—we see the two of them briefly fondling each other in the kitchen in front of the children. A man is reading the novel 50 Shades of Grey and a woman asks if it’s any good. A man, upon seeing another man with a young boy in his car, makes a sexual remark about them having a “good time”. Two teen girls discuss needing “sexy” Halloween costumes so they will be admitted to a party. A boy cuts his sister’s clothing, including leaving holes where her breasts (referred to as “boobs”) would be. A teen girl repeatedly talks about having put hair removing cream on a private part of her body and it now being in severe pain.

Language: A single scatological expletive is used, along with crude terms for female anatomy, assorted profanities and terms of Christian deity.

Drugs/Alcohol: Adult women take a young boy into a club where he is seen taking “shots” of candy aside women at a bar who are drinking alcohol. Later he is seen on the dance floor. An adult woman at a party is forced to drink a shot of liquor by another adult woman. Teens drink at a large house party. An adult male is seen drinking hard liquor from a bottle while driving.

Other: A teen boy lies to his two female parents about the use of their vehicle. A teen girl disobeys her mother’s request to care for her brother. Many of the hijinks in this movie are easily mimicked and are presented in comedic fashion with no consequences.

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