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Overall B-

It isn't easy being the brother of a big legend, so Fred Claus (Vince Vaughn) doesn't even try. But when his life of crime lands him in jail, it is his sibling Santa (Paul Giamatti) who arranges to have him do his community service time at the North Pole. Still ungrateful, the black sheep plays in the workshop and leads the elves astray.

Violence B
Sexual Content B+
Profanity B+
Substance Use B

MPAA Rating: PG for mild language and some rude humor.

Why is Fred Claus rated PG?

Official MPAA Rating: Fred Claus is rated PG for for mild language and some rude humor.

Please read our content details for this movie to help determine if it is suitable for members of your family. We also encourage you to check our full review and our movie information page.

Hurt by the comparisons to his younger brother, Fred becomes a mean-spirited man who has a difficult time carrying through on his promises. His desire to open a gambling joint leads him to steal money and publicly comes to blows with Santa stand-ins. He also causes chaos in the toy factory, fights with some elves and starts a scrap during a family dinner. Later he and his brother have an all out brawl. Other sibling arguments are also shown. Infrequent profanities, some brief sexual humor and a low-cut dress are included in the film along with brief scenes in a urinal and drunken elves outside a tavern.

Fred Claus
Canadian Movie Ratings
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia G Violence.
Alberta PG
Manitoba PG Language May Offend. Violence.
Ontario PG Language May Offend.
Quebec G
Martimes G
Canadian Home Video PG

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