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Still shot from the movie: Food Inc..

Food Inc.

If going to the grocery store already seems like a daunting task, you may feel even more at a loss about what to put in the shopping cart after watching Food Inc. This documentary by filmmaker Robert Kenner raises questions about the industrialization of food production in the United States. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B
Violence: C+
Sexual Content: A
Language: B+
Drugs/Alcohol: A
Run Time: 94
Theater Release: 15 Oct 2009
Video Release: 03 Nov 2009
MPAA Rating: PG
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Why Is Food Inc. Rated PG?

Disturbing images of animals and dead carcasses are seen in meat packaging plants and on industrial farms. A cow is pushed along the ground with a forklift. Dead chickens are hauled out of a coop. Men gather up live chickens and push them into a transport truck. On a family farm, chickens are slaughtered by cutting their throats. Squealing pigs are herded toward the kill floor. Diabetes and other health concerns are addressed. A scientist examines a cow’s stomach through a surgical opening. A mother recounts the events surrounding the death of her child from food poisoning. Verbal intimidation tactics are used to silence farmers. Brief name-calling and profanities are used in the script.

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