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Still shot from the movie: The Fast And The Furious.

The Fast And The Furious

A lot of movie studios claim theyare putting the brakes on marketing R-rated material to children. After screening this teen testosterone tale, I'm convinced Hollywood has its foot on the wrong pedal. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: D
Violence: D-
Sexual Content: C-
Language: D
Drugs/Alcohol: C+
Run Time: 106
Theater Release: 22 Jun 2001
Video Release: 01 Jan 2001
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Why Is The Fast And The Furious Rated PG-13?

Overall: D  This PG-13 film is possibly the most violent one we’ve reviewed in this category to date. Detailing the lives of illegal street racers, the movie contains violence, heavy amounts of profanity, and many examples of criminals who are lauded as heroes. In addition, some viewers may see the many scenes portraying scantily clad women adorning cars and Asian street gangs as derogatory.

Violence: D- The characters depicted in the following violent scenes experience little or no consequences for their actions and criminals are often represented in an empathetic way: Gang of people hijack a moving truck by shooting a hook through the windshield into the passenger seat and then climb aboard, driver is overpowered when he attempts to beat attacker with object, dangerous driving by truck and pursuing cars. Man drives fast and dangerously down a public street and loses control of his car. Two men begin fighting on a street. Female driver makes condescending remark to female spectators. A huge illegal street race is depicted with cars driving at 140 mph on city streets. Street racers and spectators scatter at imminent arrival of police. Man engages police in high-speed chase causing property damage and likely injuries to police (although these are not seen). Motorcycle gang with guns surround driving car and force it to drive into their “headquarters.” Men repeatedly shoot car, causing it to dramatically explode. Police with guns drawn pull over a male driver. Policeman breaks glass to gain entrance into a building. Man hit on head and knocked unconscious. Gang leader holds gun to man’s head and makes demands, then physically begins knocking this man around (with help from other gang members), they forcefully pump motor oil into the man’s mouth and throat, the man is then forced to kiss his attacker’s feet at which moment he is kicked in the face. Picture seen of a man who has been severely beaten—besides cuts, his eye is badly damaged. Man discusses the death of a racecar driver and admits to beating the man who accidentally killed the driver. Police with weapons aggressively burst into a home and business to apprehend criminals. Man repeatedly punches another man. Woman punches a man. In another intense truck-jacking scene, the driver fires a large shotgun repeatedly at a man attempting to gain entry into the cab of a moving truck leaving him dangling from a steel cable wrapped around his blood covered arm; the driver shoots at another man attempting to save the wounded attacker and at a car driving beside him, sending it crashing on the side of the road; another car’s tire is shot out. Policeman aims a gun at another man who is holding a large rifle. Men drive by a house and repeatedly shoot automatic weapons at those standing outside—one man is seen being shot. Very high-speed chase throughout residential neighborhood with people shooting at each other. Man in car deliberately runs into a pursuing motorcycle causing it to crash. Man shoots another motorcyclist causing him to crash into a wall—audience sees him lying on road—presumably dead. Two men race their cars down a street toward a railroad crossing with a train approaching. During a street race, a man hits the front of a large truck, sending his car into a serious accident—driver gets out and walks away with a large cut on his face.

Sexual Content: C-  Movie contains many shots of “car girls” in various wardrobes that reveal cleavage, all of their legs, navels, etc. Woman puts male car driver’s hand on her breast and tells him whether he wins or loses he can have her, but if he wins, he can have her and another girl that she motions toward. Man refers to a woman as his trophy. Man mentions a bad business deal resulted from sleeping with another man’s sister. Girl removes shirt and briefly exposes her naked back to the audience. Two girls kiss passionately. Girl sits seductively on man’s lap. Man briefly kisses another man on the top of his head. Unmarried man and woman seen in bed together implying previous sexual activity—they kiss passionately.

Language: D At least: 1 sexual expletive, 30 moderate profanities, 20 mild profanities, 7 terms of Deity used as expletives or profanities.

Alcohol / Drug Use: C+  Many people drinking at a party, characters are offered a beer. Man smokes cigarette. Man asks for a cigarette while another man is seen smoking. Man smokes a large cigar.

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