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Still shot from the movie: Elizabeth The Golden Age.

Elizabeth The Golden Age

In this epic movie, Cate Blanchett plays Queen Elizabeth I during the golden age of her reign when the young ruler is challenged by threats of war from King Philip II of Spain (Jordi Molla), questionable council from her advisor Sir Francis Walsingham (Geoffrey Rush), an assassination attempt by her cousin Mary Stuart (Samantha Morton), and the yearnings of her heart for Sir Walter Raleigh (Clive Owen). Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: C
Violence: D+
Sexual Content: C
Language: B-
Drugs/Alcohol: B-
Run Time: 114
Theater Release: 11 Oct 2007
Video Release: 05 Feb 2008
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Why Is Elizabeth The Golden Age Rated PG-13?

Although likely accurate for the time, the torture methods used in the film are often gory and bloody. Severely beaten bodies are chained in torture chambers while other traitors are publicly hanged or beheaded. Unauthorized murders by gunfire or impaling also take place outside the palace. On the sea, cannon fire rips apart ships and human bodies (leaving one man legless) during intense battle scenes. On shore, an ill-advised affair (shown in blurred silhouettes) enrages the Queen who’s own aging body causes her some despair when she gazes upon it. (Female back and buttock nudity is seen). Brief, experimental tobacco use and some social drinking are depicted. Infrequent terms of Deity and a repeated term for an illegitimate child (properly used) are contained in the script. Religious followers are also often negatively portrayed.

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