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Still shot from the movie: Cleopatra.


This epic 1963 film brings to life the story of Cleopatra (played by Elizabeth Taylor), the Egyptian ruler who attempted to secure her right to reign by engaging in affairs with Roman ruler Julius Caesar (Rex Harrison) and his successor Marc Anthony (Richard Burton). Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: C+
Violence: C+
Sexual Content: C
Language: B
Drugs/Alcohol: C+
Run Time: 192
Theater Release: 12 Jun 1963
Video Release: 28 May 2013
MPAA Rating: G
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Why Is Cleopatra Rated G?

Violence: Though little actual warfare is seen, military takeovers, assassinations and attacks are discussed and briefly shown. The decapitated head of a man is taken out of a jar and presented as a gift. An army burns their enemy’s ships and part of the town including important historical records. Weapon use includes spears, swords and hand-to-hand combat with some blood shown. Corpses and injured soldiers are seen on the battlefield. Dead bodies are cremated. A man is executed. Another man stabs himself with a sword after his servant refuses to kill him. A character attempts to poison another and as a result dies from poisoning herself. A man and woman argue and slap one another. He pushes her to the ground. A man deserts his soldiers. Ships attack one another with cannons. A woman slashes objects with a knife. Characters poison themselves.

Sexual Content: Characters engage in veiled and sexually suggestive dialogue. A naked woman lies on her stomach on a bed with only a towel covering her buttocks. A couple kisses passionately. A woman begins to undress in front of a man. The man places his hand on her breast and later the couple is seen in bed together. A character becomes pregnant out of wedlock. During a huge dance sequence several performers wear scanty clothing. One woman has only small coverings on her breasts. Other female characters in the court wear scanty or revealing clothing. A man is shown in the tub. Other characters are shown bathing with some brief nudity revealed. Themes of adultery and infidelity are included.

Language: The script contains a brief profanity, some name-calling and some sexual dialogue.

Alcohol / Drug Use: An oracle prophesies about the future using a powder that appears to have hallucinogenic properties. Characters drink on rare occasions. Characters use poison.

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