Picture from A Christmas Story
Overall B

All Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) wants for Christmas is an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two hundred shot B.B. gun. But His father (Darren McGavin), mother (Melinda Dillon) and even Santa Claus (Jeff Gillen) are against the idea, fearing he will shoot his eye out.

Violence B-
Sexual Content B+
Profanity C
Substance Use B

MPAA Rating: PG for brief mild violence and language, and for some bullying.

Why is A Christmas Story rated PG?

Official MPAA Rating: A Christmas Story is rated PG for for brief mild violence and language, and for some bullying.

Please read our content details for this movie to help determine if it is suitable for members of your family. We also encourage you to check our full review and our movie information page.

Violence: A child dreams that he protects his family from bad guys by shooting them in the buttocks with his B.B. gun. Two bullies repeatedly threaten other boys. A boy pummels another kid until he is pulled off. The victim has a bloody nose. A boy is shown with a black eye after supposedly being beaten up. A father yells frequently. Santa and his elves are mean and grouchy. A child is dared to stick his tongue to a frozen flagpole, and police and firemen are called in to help him. A dog’s ear is caught in the door. A server chops off the head of a cooked duck in a restaurant.

Sexual Content: A man wins a lamp shaped in the form of a woman’s leg in a fishnet stocking. A boy strokes the leg. The narrator refers to it as “electric sex gleaming in the window.”

Language: While one storyline deals with the father’s penchant for profanities, many of his tirades are not clearly heard. However the script does include mild and moderate profanities, crude terms, some scatological slang and terms of Deity. A boy uses a strong sexual expletive (the word is not actually heard but a his usage of this kind of language creates a huge ruckus).

Alcohol / Drug Use:A character is seen with a cigar in his mouth. Adults drink socially in their home. A man offers his son a sip of wine, but the mother doesn’t allow it. A boy pretends to have tobacco in his lip during a daydream.

A Christmas Story
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