Picture from Cats and Dogs
Overall B+

Just when you thought the Cold War was old news, a new conspiracy theory is trotting it's way across the backyards of America. While humans go blissfully about their business, it's the family pets keeping an eye on the state of world. And when it comes to keeping the peace--it's a Cat & Dog battle!

Violence B-
Sexual Content A-
Profanity B
Substance Use A-

MPAA Rating: PG for animal action and humor

Why is Cats and Dogs rated PG?

Official MPAA Rating: Cats and Dogs is rated PG for for animal action and humor

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Overall: B+
Fur flies in this action packed secret agent thriller about fearless canines who are out to protect the world from the evil designs of those nasty cats.

Violence: B-
This movie contains numerous scenes of dogs chasing cats. Includes man knocked over by dog, dog runs into tree, dog swings small tree with cat in it, cat is catapulted from tree and thrown through kitchen window, dog is also thrown through window and both animals hit a woman, animals chase through house and cause household items to fall and break, pie hits person in face, person chases dog with a broom, cat lying on road as if dead, dog is kidnapped, dog catapults through air and into barn wall, dog falls and object falls on him, man licks dog on mouth, dog bone blows up, man uses pistol like gun to inject self with vaccination, person breaks out in large hives on face and hands, planes drop ninja cats on neighborhood and they attack a home, cat uses explosives, window broken with ball, woman hits man, cat coughs up hairballs that turn into various weapons, dog dung is shown on carpet, spiked weapon shoots nail like objects at animals, cat outfitted with military weapons, bookcase nearly falls on animal who is trapped beneath it, dog is thrown around by a boomerang, bomb is activated, animal smashed against wall by a door, dogs shown marking a fire hydrant and smelling one another, animal scares woman and orders her locked in a closet, car drives erratically, animal is flattened against window pane, sleeping gas bomb explodes in car, dogs attack cat, animals shown in high speed vehicle, dogs blown up cat dummy, dogs drink out of toilets, animals discuss fate of human family, dog beat up by cat thugs, swerving car knocks animal around, cats steal valuable object, people are kidnapped and tied up, discussion of having a real gun but nothing is shown, extended scene of animals discussing plot to take over the world, building starts on fire with people and animals locked inside, cat eats mouse, cat attempts to crush animal in a crane claw, animal hits against glass pane, large building and machine explode with animals inside, animal appears to be dead.

Sexual Content: A-
Dog smells another dog, appropriate affection shown between mother and child, hugging between married couple, animal discusses former relationship with another dog.

Language: B
Includes some name calling as well as at least 5 mild slang terms and 4 terms of Deity used as expletives.

Alcohol / Drug Use: A-
Scientist attempts to develop an anti-allergy serum, seen injecting himself on at least two occasions.

Cats and Dogs
Canadian Movie Ratings
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia G
Alberta G
Manitoba G Frightening Scenes-----
Ontario G F-for Family
Quebec G
Martimes G
Canadian Home Video G