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Still shot from the movie: The Book Thief.

The Book Thief

Liesel Meminger (Sophie Nélisse) becomes a book thief while living in Germany during WWII. The young girl finds a welcome release in the written word, and shares her escape with those closest to her, including a Jewish refugee (Max Vandenburg) hiding in her home. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B+
Violence: B-
Sexual Content: A
Language: B
Drugs/Alcohol: B
Run Time: 131
Theater Release: 15 Nov 2013
Video Release: 11 Mar 2014
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Why Is The Book Thief Rated PG-13?

Violence: Scenes of war violence are shown including bombing raids, explosions, burning and destroyed buildings and an injured man. Several corpses are shown (none are bloody or have discernable injuries). A boy’s nose begins to bleed as he dies. Several characters are bullied. A girl violently punches a boy and gives him a bloody nose after he taunts her.

Sexual Content: A boy asks a girl to kiss him on several occasions.

Language: The script contains a few terms of Deity and one mild profanity along with repeated name-calling.

Alcohol / Drug Use:A man drinks from a liquor bottle.

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