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Still shot from the movie: Because I Said So.

Because I Said So

Daphne (Diane Keaton) is a meddling mother determined to manage the love lives of her three daughters. But a battle of wills breaks out as she tries to play matchmaker for her youngest, Milly (Mandy Moore). Full of family feuds, sexual banter and passionate encounters with various men, there's a good chance many parents will suggest their children skip this movie-- because they said so. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: C-
Violence: A-
Sexual Content: C-
Language: B-
Drugs/Alcohol: B
Run Time: 102
Theater Release: 01 Feb 2007
Video Release: 07 May 2007
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Why Is Because I Said So Rated PG-13?

Sexual topics are frequently and frankly discussed using anatomical terms as the female characters in this film compare their experiences. Other sexual issues include a woman who is shocked when she accidentally bumps into a pornographic Internet web site, but later decides to look at it again. A dog is also sexually stimulated by what it sees on the screen. In other scenes we see couples engaged in sexual activity with no nudity. A young boy makes a frank sexual remark about female anatomy whenever he meets a woman. In a locker-room and a department store change room, women are seen from the front and rear wearing various types of underwear. Profanities are minimal with only a couple of mild expletives, however a general term of deity is used obsessively by one character throughout the film. Wine is consumed with dinner and as a method for relieving stress.

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