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American Assassin Parent Guide

Homemade killer.

Release date September 15, 2017

After the loss of his finance in a terrorist attack, Mitch Rapp (Dylan O'Brien) sets out to get revenge. Recruited by the CIA, he receives training by Stan Hurley and Irene Kennedy (Michael Keaton and Sanaa Lathen) who use his anger to track down a rogue agent (Taylor Kitch) intent on starting a war in the Middle East.

Why is American Assassin rated ? The MPAA rated American Assassin

Run Time: 105 minutes

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News About "American Assassin"

This movie is based on a book series featuring Mitch Rapp, written by Vince Flynn. No stranger to struggle himself, Flynn began his writing career as a part time hobby and self-published his first book, Term Limits. His success as a New York Times Best Selling Author is even more remarkable considering he was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child and found reading and writing to be a challenge. Penning 15 books, Flynn passed away after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer in 2013.

The movie American Assassin is being produced by Lionsgate and CBS Films. Starring Dylan O'Brien as Mitch Rapp, the film is reminiscent of the Jason Borne franchise. A Red-band trailer has been released to promote the film, meaning it features content too explicit to be shown to all audiences. That means the movie will likewise have strong content, and will likely garner an R rating from the MPAA.

Expect frequent violent acts and non-stop action in this story about an injured soul who has experienced the loss of his parents and his finance. Channeling that anger to a better cause, Rapp becomes a Black Op for the CIA and trains to take out terrorist and traitors alike.

Cast and Crew

American Assassin is directed by Michael Cuesta and stars Michael Keaton, Dylan O'Brien, Taylor Kitsch.

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