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Still shot from the movie: Return To Never Land.

Return To Never Land

Peter Pan returns with a new generation of animators. In this direct-to-video sequel, Wendy's daughter Jane (Harriet Owen) is forced to consider the reality of her mother's bedtime stories when she is kidnapped by a revenge seeking Captain Hook (Corey Burton). Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B
Violence: B-
Sexual Content: A-
Language: A-
Drugs/Alcohol: A-
Run Time: 72
Theater Release: 14 Feb 2002
Video Release: 20 Aug 2013
MPAA Rating: G
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If it has it been a while since you have seen Disney’s 1953 version of Peter Pan (featuring Wendy and her brothers’ adventure in Never Land), then check out our review. Disney’s The Kid stars the un-animated Spencer Breslin (who voices the character of Cubby) along with Bruce Willis in another movie about a lost childhood dreams.

Disney has made sequels to several of their most popular films, such as Pocahontas II: Journey To The New World and Little Mermaid 2.

Home Video Extra Features

Home Video Notes: Peter Pan Return To Never Land Special Edition

Release Date: 20 August 2013

Return To Never Land re-releases to home video (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy) in a Special Edition. Bonus features include: 

Pixie Previews:

-Just Desserts

-Dust Up
Volley Bug

-Hide And Tink

-Shooting Stars!

DVD Notes: Return to Never Land: Pixie Powered Edition DVD release Date:  27 November 2007

Return to Never Land with this Pixie Powered Edition. The DVD release features a boatload of bonus features including: Lost Treasures (deleted scenes), Tinker Bell’s Challenge: A Quest For Light (an interactive game), and Magical Fairy Moments (a trip inside Tinker Bell’s secret realm). Audio tracks are available in Dolby Digital 5.1 (English, French and Spanish) and DTS Surround 5.1 (English).

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