All the Money in the World parents guide

All the Money in the World Parent Guide

What do you want most? Love or money?

Release date December 22, 2017

When her son John Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer) is kidnapped, the desperate mother (Michelle Williams) begs the boy's wealthy grandfather (Christopher Plummer) to pay the ransom. But the miserly old man will not part with his cash even though he he is one of the richest men in the world. This movie is based on a true story.

Why is All the Money in the World rated R? The MPAA rated All the Money in the World R for language, some violence, disturbing images and brief drug content

News About "All the Money in the World"

The real John Paul Getty made his millions in the oil industry. As word of his business successes spread, so did the public's curiosity about his personal life. He was an avid art collector and had a reputation as a penny pincher. As if to prove money cannot buy happiness, Getty was married and divorced five times. Along the way, he fathered five sons.

The kidnapping of John Paul Getty III in 1973 made headlines around the world -- especially when his grandfather balked at paying the ransom. This movie is based on the tug-of-war that occurred between John Paul Getty and the teen's mother, former actress Gail Harris (played by Michelle Williams) as she attempted to get finical help to secure the boy's safe return.

Parents should also be aware that in real life, the kidnappers cut off the ear of their captive. This, and potentially other mature content, will likely make this movie an unsuitable choice for younger viewers.

From the Studio:
Rome, 1973. Masked men kidnap a teenage boy named John Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer). His grandfather, Jean Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer), is the richest man in the world, a billionaire oil magnate, but he's notoriously miserly. His favorite grandson's abduction is not reason enough for him to part with any of his fortune. All the Money in the World (2017) follows Gail, (Michelle Williams), Paul's devoted, strong-willed mother, who unlike Getty, has consistently chosen her children over his fortune. Her son's life in the balance with time running out, she attempts to sway Getty even as her son's mob captors become increasingly more determined, volatile and brutal. When Getty sends his enigmatic security man Fletcher Chace (Mark Wahlberg) to look after his interests, he and Gail become unlikely allies in this race against time that ultimately reveals the true and lasting value of love over money.
Written by Sony Pictures

Cast and Crew

All the Money in the World is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer .

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