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Canadian Movie Ratings: Manitoba

In Manitoba's early years, movies were black and white in more ways than one. Rated either "General" or "Adult," the Film Censor Board took the attitude that if a movie couldn't be edited to the point where it was suitable for the public, it was simply banned.

Since its beginnings in 1923 the board has undergone several changes, the most notable being the removal of the board's legal authority to censor in 1972, making it the only Canadian board without the ability to alter films prior to their exhibition (although this right is rarely enacted by the other Canadian boards).

Manitoba film ratings use the following classifications

Rating Description
G General viewing. Suitable for all audiences. All may rent or buy. Suitable for those under 12. (Similar to voluntary U.S. MPAA "G").
PG Parental guidance advised. Theme and content may not be suitable for all children. Most suitable for mature viewers over 12. All may rent or buy. (Similar to voluntary U.S. MPAA "PG").
14A Suitable for persons 14 years of age and older. An adult must accompany those under 14 when they view, rent or buy. Parents cautioned. May contain violence, coarse language and/or sexually suggestive scenes. (Similar to U.S. MPAA voluntary "PG 13" or some "R", usually language).
18A Suitable for persons 18 years of age and older. Persons ages 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult when they view, rent or buy. Parents strongly cautioned. Will likely contain explicit violence, frequent coarse language, sexual activity and/or horror. (Similar to voluntary U.S. MPAA "R").
R Only Adults 18 and over may rent or buy. May contain foul language, or depict graphic violence, horror or sexual activity.
Adult Indicated by "Manitoba Barcode." Only Adults may rent or buy. Content is sexually explicit, or graphically and excessively violent.

Made up of what is called a "citizen board," the Manitoba Film Board requires at least 16 board members to function. Currently there are 31 members, with 25 acting as viewers and the rest as general board members. Coming from a cross-section of Manitoba society, there are no particular requirements for board members who are paid $75 for each day of viewing and must commit to serve for 4 days every 6 weeks.

Regulating both theatrical and home video releases (included adult sex-oriented videos) in the province, the board views an average of 3,500 VHS and DVD releases, along with 250 theatrical movies.

Manitoba Film Classification
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