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Still shot from the movie: Flight.


A pilot (Denzel Washington) becomes an overnight hero when he miraculously lands an ailing airplane and saves the lives of everyone onboard. But fame turns on him just as fast when the accident's investigation uncovers some unexpected information.

Overall Grade: C-
Violence: C+
Sexual Content: D+
Language: D
Drugs/Alcohol: D
Release Date: 01 Nov 2012
Run Time: 139
MPAA Rating: R


Reader Comments

godcares says: Nov. 03, 2012

Please don’t take any of your children no matter what age. This is rated R, which should be a sign anyway. According to reviews, there is a spiritual???? message.  Complete nudity of a female is the first scene of the film.(not just a glimpse….she actually walks across the room straight to the camera full view, and continues to walk in the room naked) F-bombs were all throughout the movie.  I left after about 20 minutes and I am ashamed I stayed that long.  When I got home, I pulled up the reviews and the spiritual message appears to happen in the 2nd half.  At what point in our society do we feel our movies have to be so lifelike to give a good message.  I just wasted $25.  By the way, I didn’t have any children with me, because they are all grown.  I would like to think they would leave the theater too.

lovingmama says: Nov. 25, 2012

I agree with “godcares” statement regarding not bringing any kids to see this movie. When I saw it in the theater there were 2 boys sitting in front of me that never should have seen the inappropriate content of this movie. I was disgusted by the objectification of a women in the first few minutes of the movie. It almost ruined the whole movie for me but overall it was a good movie for some adults. The main character is cocaine User and alcoholic which is seen frequently throughout.

momof2teens says: Feb. 15, 2013

I feel this movie should be NC-17. The scene of the full frontal and side silouette female nudity lasted at least 5 minutes! Even as an adult there were so many scenes I had to fast forward so that I didnt throw up!  The shooting up, the cocaine snorting, just seeing the results of these peoples’ addictions is soooo sad, heartbreaking, and gut wrenching. I agree it felt like one message could be that you could get out of your drunken stupor with the help of the right “candyman”. But in the end there was a good message, finally! 2 actors in the film are Christians and I can see why they wanted to be in this movie to send a message to addicts to get the help they need. If youre a Denzel fan (or not) I also recommend his “Book of Eli” movie.

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