About Parent Previews

In 1993, we began reviewing movies from a family perspective and selling the column to newspapers. It was a novel idea at the time, and today many parents consider it a necessity to know what’s in a movie before paying and   perhaps even more important   risking disappointment by having to walk out with the kids in tow.

We believe strongly that parents that the first and best censors in our society. Yet it’s very difficult for parents to know what to expect in entertainment based on the various ratings systems. When it comes to movies, the current movie ratings systems offer only a very basic guideline of the content that will be found in a movie. Hopefully you will find the additional information you require here at Parent Previews.

It’s our belief that concerns about sex, violence, language and drug use in movies spans all cultural, religious and political beliefs. As parents, we have the right to raise our children according to our own dictates and conscience. While our reviews do have subjective opinions, we endeavor to be sensitive to any portrayals that demean or represent any particular person or group in a stereotyped or inaccurate way. The final result is we strive to provide information that will be helpful with any family’s viewing choices.

With the launch of our latest website, we are celebrating 10 years of publishing on the Internet. During this time, we have refined and focused our efforts. You’ll notice at this point we are no longer offering video game reviews. Instead we are striving to provide a more holistic view of media by providing additional articles and access to scholarly studies about the effects of media on families and society. (We do hope video game reviews will return.)

In our “The Big Picture” section you will find links and summaries of the latest studies and issues relating to using media technologies in your home. You’ll also have access to informative articles written by our staff members on similar topics and more general issues of family life. Finally, our primary reviewers, Rod Gustafson and Kerry Bennett, will be maintaining blogs that will “fill in the cracks” between our reviews and other information so you can stay up to date on the latest media, technology and family trends.

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If you have made it this far, it’s time to move on and read what we have to offer. Begin by signing up for a membership on the site. It’s free and all you need to enter is your email address, which will never be sold or given away to anyone. A membership will give you full access to the interactive features of our new site and allows you to tell us your opinions. Together, we hope to make Parent Previews a flourishing community that will help parents worldwide to find great movies for their children and better understand media.